June 23, 2024 8:28 am

Check Out the Top Reason Your Car Fails MOT Test

The Ministry of Transport or MOT test is an important check that ensures your vehicle in Northern Ireland has an approved level of roadworthiness. MOT test came into existence in 1960, and has become a backbone of maintaining a vehicle over 3 years old. During the COVID-19 outbreak, the government’s automatic MOT extension has finished, many vehicles will need the MOT to be pushed back due to this policy. If you are looking for the check for mot cancellations ni: and know how it is done.
Simple Reasons Why Vehicles Fail MOT Tests

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Do you know around 2 in 5 MOT tests are the fail for the first time? It is because of some minor faults that owner can have fixed beforehand. Given below are some top reasons why the MOT tests fail for your vehicle.

• Problem in car’s screen wash. It is a basic task that takes just minutes, hence do not be caught by it.
• Vehicle is found dirty and cluttered. Make sure you clear all the mess and give windows & mirrors of your car a nice wipe.
• Registration plate issues. It can be your car’s plate used incorrect spacing, and was dirty and letters are missing. Suppose you have the customized plate, ensure it is as per the DVLA rules.
• Stickers blocking driver’s view. Ensure whatever stuck to a windscreen such as parking permits stays outside wipers’ area.
What If My Vehicle Passes the Test?
Suppose your vehicle passes this MOT test, you will get the MOT certificate from its test centre, and pass is recorded on the national database. Additionally, you will be notified for any ‘minor’ and ‘advisory’ issues that will have to be looked and fixed in future. Then you are free to drive your car anywhere you want.