June 23, 2024 7:44 am
Metal Business Kards

What Does F Mean on a Business Card

If you were to take a look at the business cards that were used in years gone by, there would be no shortage of things that would leave you scratching the very head that rests upon your two shoulders and neck. You might start to assume that you are missing some crucial detail that older business owners had down pat, but suffice it to say that many of the things that are missing from your cards but are present in older ones usually faded away due to obsolescence rather than the inherent obstinacy of the younger generations in the world.

Metal Business Kards

The most pertinent example of this that we have been able to come across is the addition of the letter F on Metal Business Kards. This letter is supposed to refer to Fax, and people used it to demarcate numbers on their cards that were supposed to be dialed in if you were attempting to get in touch with them through the use of a fax machine. This is obviously not something that modern business owners are ever going to need to concern themselves with because of the fact that no one really uses fax machines in the present era.

As if that weren’t already enough, we also have better modes of communication such as emails, and if you really want someone to get a paper based facsimile of a document you can just shoot them an email and have them print it out at their leisure. This clearly shows that the letter F is no longer on business cards due to the reason that the very thing that it represented is no longer a mainstay of modern practices.