July 16, 2024 2:10 am

Is Buy instagram likes The Way To Get Maximum Likes?

 “Live for likes” advertised one giant online retail company as it tried to advance its position in the competitive market. After years of relentless spending and trying to fit into the algorithm of what is ‘picture perfect’ a few of us ask, “BUT WHY?” Now that we all have our pretensions of being “woke” and are trying to unlearn the ways in which social media and marketing together morph us not only into consumers but also the product itself, this article tries to highlight the menacing causes and effects that surround the entire idea of buy instagram likes.


Looking into your purse and feeling the blistering effects of consumerism

Let’s look at all the products we have bought after being sufficiently convinced (read; annoyed) by the advertisements. Phones with mammoth camera lens built-in for “selfie” purposes, hairdryers and makeup products which make you look picture-perfect, clothes that will garner the attention that when you post pictures wearing them.

Why women are more on Instagram?

Psychologically, women have always liked to be praised for their beauty. This is the sole reason for more number of women on Instagram than men. Moreover, Instagram also supports their craze to show off and hence provides filters to make their pictures look good. So, it makes sure that the 1 picture which women choose from 15 should not look tan, should not be fat and should have the right contrast to look good.

Looking into the ‘number’ of Instagram likes I could garner

Next time you take an aesthetic picture to ask yourself, am I taking this picture because I want to freeze this moment in a medium that’s a little more substantial than my memories or am I doing it to boost my self-esteem.


Looking into the mirror

My apologies to everyone who don’t find me in real life standing under the perfect light. With my hair and makeup on point and making expressions that would scare a toddler into eating his bland meal. But this is how I look when the filters fade away and there are days I know when I know I won’t get ‘likes’ if I posted a picture like this.

Don’t imperfect things have a place in this dizzyingly unsatisfactory and chaotic world? Is it only “art” if you like it? I’ll leave you with these questions while I go check my Instagram. Ciao.