July 16, 2024 2:18 pm
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Pizza Menus for soccer games and Other Sports Events by Direct Mail

Whether you own a little pizza shop or a chain with multiple locations, you have something that even the major chains can’t match. When it comes to advertising strategies, you know your market and can focus on local athletic events. Direct mailing pizza menus for local football games and other sporting occasions like bandarqq pkv games produce tremendous sales while positioning you as the “go-to-spot” for the big game!

It’s all about the timing.

Get your hands on a calendar of events in your market area before you start thinking about how you’re going to advertise or what specials or promotions you’ll run on your direct mail pizza menus. It’s time to settle down and develop direct mail pizza menus to generate sales for such events once you know when and where they will happen. National sporting events, such as the bandarqq pkv games, NBA, NFL or major soccer matches, follow the same logic.

Game-Night-Specials to Support Your Home Team

 Many business owners support local teams, and a portion of the proceeds from game evenings is donated. Make use of your direct mail pizza menus to promote it! Students and Parents alike are proud of their local teams, and data show that they are more likely to support businesses that promote their favorite team.

Home Game Discounts in Bulk

Another strategy to create a lot of sales with direct mail pizza menus is to advertise special pricing on game nights when ordering in bulk. Many parents who run concession stands at home games order two or more dozen pizzas to be sold by the slice to earn money for the team.